7 Most healthy cooking methods

Food ingredients that are actually rich in nutrients can be turned into unhealthy food when cooked the wrong way. Though there is a way to cultivate delicious food but stay healthy. The way of cooking with high temperatures can destroy vitamins in vegetables, especially vitamin C, folate, and potassium, up to 20 percent. This may be why eating a raw food believes that the best way to serve food is by not cooking it.

However, research has shown that most foods will be more nutritious after cooking, such as carrots, spinach, and tomatoes. The cooking process will help the release of antioxidants by destroying the cell walls so that the essential substances in the vegetable are more readily absorbed by the body. Here are 7 methods of cooking that are considered the healthiest:

1. Using microwave cooking with a microwave is probably the healthiest because the cooking time is short so that less nutritional damage. Research shows the most appropriate vegetable cooking is with a microwave. Broccoli For example, vitamin C content is optimal if cooked with a microwave.  Food ingredients cooked with a microwave can be dry, but this can be prevented by adding a little water before it is heated. Also make sure you use a special food place for the microwave.

2. Boiling the boil is a quick and easy way. You just have to add water and a bit of salt. However high temperatures and a lot of water can reduce the amount of water soluble vitamins and minerals in vegetables up to 70 percent. Rebuses are recommended for carrots, broccoli, or zucchini (green cucumber-like vegetables).

3. Steam almost any type of groceries, ranging from vegetables until the fish fit steamed. With this cooking method the original flavor and nutritional food is maintained.

4. Boiling with a little water boiling with a little water (poaching) is a recommended way for food such as fish, eggs, or fruit.

5. Burn this is a method of cooking the food directly into the heat or fire in a short time. Combustion is a recommended way to cook a cut meat, such as a satay.

6. Roasting baking is the recommended way to get a taste of the meat that remains fresh and tender. But some research mentions how this cooking can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer and cancer of the Payduara. Baking in high temperatures will result in a chemical reaction between fats and proteins in the flesh resulting in toxins that will impair the antioxidant balance in the body. It is known to trigger diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

7. Sautling This cooking method requires only a little oil. Almost most food ingredients are cooked this way.

8. Uncooked diet raw food (raw food) is being popular lately. These dietary adherents claim this is the healthiest way because the content of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and enzymes in vegetables will not disappear. Even so some research calls the raw food-making we lose lycopene in tomatoes and antioxidants in carrots or spinach.