Easy to make Sausage & Cream Cheese Crescents

This recipe for Easy to make Sausage & Cream Cheese Crescents has floated around the South for years. I got it from my Sister-in-law Angie the day of my niece Katelynn’s wedding. You can make these Easy to make Sausage & Cream Cheese Crescents as individual servings if you like or like my sister-in-law Angie does by just simply lay one can of Crescents rolls out and then add the Sausage and cream cheese filling on the top of  the Crescent roll dough and then top with the second can of Crescent rolls.

Weddings can be magical and nerve-racking for brides and mother’s of the brides, yet I have to tell  you, Angie sure pulled off a fabulous breakfast that morning with that delicious casserole of Easy to make Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents; I don’t think there was one bit left at the bottom of that casserole dish that morning. We were like hungry little vultures sitting at a table pecking away at our breakfast…Did you just vision vultures pecking at their plates?

I’m not sure where Angie originally found the Easy to make Sausage & Cream Cheese Crescents recipe from,  I ‘ve seen the recipe float around Pinterest and on the web a few times browsing; the most popular listing on Google seems to be from Pillsbury.com. I’m just thrilled she served it to us that morning because they were deliciously good in my opinion.

I decided this morning I was going to share this wonderful recipe my sister-in-law made with Y’all, so you could judge for yourself one morning just how simple and tasty these bad babies are. Heck if you are in the South you might have already had them or even made them; if you have let me know in the comment section below, as I love hearing from Y’all.


  • 1/2 of a pound of  mild ground sausage
  • 8- ounces of cream cheese softened
  • 1 small onion finely diced
  • 2 jalapeno minced
  • 2- packages of crescent rolls


  1. Cook 1/2 of a pound of mild ground sausage till completely browned, drain all the excess oil from sausage in a colander.
  2. Combine 8-ounces of softened cream cheese with cooked mild ground sausage, 1 small onion finely diced, and 2 jalapeño peppers that have been minced.
  3. Open 2 packages of crescent roll and place each one flat on non-stick baking sheets, you will probably need 2.
  4. ……………………………

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