How to cook healthy and not harm nutrition

Food ingredients that are actually rich in nutrients can be turned into unhealthy food when cooked the wrong way.

Though there is a way to cultivate delicious food but stay healthy. The way of cooking with high temperatures can destroy vitamins in vegetables, especially vitamin C, folate, and potassium, up to 20 percent.

This may be why eating a raw food believes that the best way to serve food is by not cooking it.

However, research has shown that most foods will be more nutritious after cooking, such as carrots, spinach, and tomatoes. The cooking process will help the release of antioxidants by destroying the cell walls so that the essential substances in the vegetable are more readily absorbed by the body.

Here’s how to cook the healthiest and minimize nutritional damage:

The first way is to use a microwave. Cooking using a microwave is one of the best and healthiest ways. This is because when using a microwave we only need to cook it briefly, so that the nutrient damage will be minimized. So that the food you cook is not too dry, you can prepare it by adding a little water before it is heated.
The second way of cooking is to steam. Almost everyone knows the steamed food is one of the best food processing. Steam will make the nutrient content of food maintained. Not only vegetables, you can also steam fish or other types of food.
The next healthy cooking Tips are boiling food. When boiling food, make sure you cook it in the right way such as temperature is not too high, not too long in boiling food, do not take too long and do not get too much water. You can boil all sorts of vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, carrot, cabbage, and vegetable zucchini similar to green cucumbers.
Who does not know this method of cooking this one. Indonesians love grilled food, such as satay, grilled fish and other seafood food. But should not consume too much food burned. Because the charcoal attached to the food that we are by being carcinogenic or the cause of cancer. When consuming these foods, be sure to compensate them with foods rich in antioxidants such as basil for fresh vegetables.
The method of cooking in a stir-fry is a healthy cooking way that many people have liked. Because in addition to being easy and quick to do, stir-fry can be applied to any foodstuffs. To be healthier, you can replace cooking oil with a healthier oil. One of them is olive oil.